Anna Tambova

«Transformation in the War»

Anna Tambova


Self-introduction, education & work experience:
In 2002, Anna started working in a professional theatre in Zhytomyr, where many plays were performed with her involvement (such as «Wedding at Goncharivtsi», «My Fair Lady», «The Shadow»). Simultaneously she was studying at the Kharkiv University of Arts (specialization: Theatre & Movie Acting) and in 2007 (after graduating) she moved to Kyiv. First things first, Anna interned at the Franko National Ukrainian Drama Theatre for half a year and in 2008 she began her creative career at the Kyiv Drama Theater in Podil, where she worked until February 2022. Moreover, since 2007, Anna has been acting in films (in total about 37 projects), with more than 10 were leading roles. Examples:
1) «Savage» directed by A. Silkin (as Zina, 2022);
2) «Picnik» directed by Irina Gromozda (as Nataliya, 2021);
3) «Mom» directed by T. Tkachenko (as Masha, 2020);
4) «Female Doctor 5» directed by P. Mashchenko (as Katya, 2020);
5) «Consultant» directed by O. Turansky (as Lyudmila Kosarenko, 2019) and many more.

One of the last film projects was the historical series «And There Will Be People» (2020) about the terrible times of the Holodomor. In Germany, from the moment of her arrival, Anna took part in charity concerts to support Ukraine at the Montbijou Theatre and at the Pfefferberg Theatre. Every Sunday during the summer 2022, she played in the fairy tale «Ivasyk-telesyk» for Ukrainian children in the Prime Time Theatre. As of November 2022, Anna is participating in the project «Run», which explores the internal and external transformations of refugees in the conditions of a world that is going mad and self-destructing.

Introduction to the project:
Actress and performer Anna Tambova wants to investigate how the transformation of a person who lost his/her home due to the war takes place, how those people adapt in a new and incomprehensible world…

Description of the project:
Anna wants to investigate how the transformation of a person who lost his/her home due to the war happens, how they adapt in a new and incomprehensible world… Additionally she wants to help people in Germany to understand emotions and helplessness that Ukrainians feel in these circumstances, as well as the wide range of opportunities that open in a new, still unbelievable situation.

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