Community Blog

#1 Marina Resende Santos – Description of current research

One of my current research streams concerns the acrobatics and the limitations of environmental politics. I also research the materiality of the digital economy; the territories, resources and labour that it is anchored to. Those questions emerge in, an artwork and learning process where a garden slowly offsets the carbon emissions associated with a server.

#2 Kieron Jina – Description of current research

Kieron Jina is provoked by the sense of chaos that is happening across the globe and in the future, the number of “climate refugees” is expected to rise. Will we all eventually become climate refugees if we don’t find ways to cool down the planet. Jina’s research evokes questions related to art as a civic muscle and does it have something to offer. Art is a rhythm of self-evaluation. A self-evaluation through the perspective of the object (a mirror). What can we make of it? Read more

Kiron Jina continues to be embraced by African indigenous knowledge’s in his research and has found an appreciation for the knowledge of theorist Edward Lorenz “Chaos theory: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.” This quote has sparked many questions in relation to the “butterfly effect”. A metaphor for this behaviour is that a butterfly flaps it’s wings in the cradle of humankind (South Africa) can cause a hurricane in New Orleans. Read less

#3 Alfredo Zinola – Description of current research

Since 2020, Alfredo Zinola is developing the „Punctures“ project with Micaela Kühn and Maxwell McCarthy.
„Punctures“ is their personal articulated response to the climate and biodiversity crisis. This project consists of different parts that connect, shape and inform each other. First step is „Punctures on the Land“, an ecological action where they acquire land with an environmental association. Creating a network of small fields that transform into an island of complex biodiversity in the middle of landscapes of industrial agriculture. Read more

With tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf they organised a think tank in January 2022 to create a time to question with other colleagues on the topic „What can we do as dance makers/artistic sector?“ in relation to climate change and biodiversity crisis.
Zinola will receive the #TakeHeart residency funding program with tanzhaus nrw in 2022 to further research the topic. Read less

#4 Russ Ligtas – Description of current research

From my previous fascination with the color blue, I’m currently diving deeper the color towards the element it is most ascribed to: Water. A substance that constitutes 60% of the human being, 71% of the planet, and is a metaphor for the more abstract dimensions and concepts; the subconscious, memory, emotions, the afterlife. Now with all the current global crises, water threatens to either swallow cities alive or deprive humanity of its life-giving properties whilst we continue to search for traces of it in distant planets for hopes of a planet b.