Iuliia Gershanik

«Body Language as the Way of Intercultural Communication»

Iuliia Gershanik


Self-description, education & work experience:
Iuliia Gershanik has graduated with excellence from the course that was led by S. A. Mojsejiv at the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Karyj (specialization: Actress of Drama Theatre and Cinema, 2004-2009). At that time she worked in the same sphere. Her skills include dancing (modern, oriental, pole dance), horse riding (basic knowledge), singing (alt). Iuliia’s experience in theatre totals more than 20 years, includes having more than 40 different roles in theatre, as well as in film shooting (more than 70 roles).

Roles in movies (among others):
1) «Dreamcatcher» (2022, acted as Anna);
2) «Crystal Heights» (2021, acted as Dana the trainer);
3) «Daddy-2» (2021, acted as Diana’s personal agent);
4) «A Place in the Sun» (2021, acted as Vasilina);
5) «Butterfly Wings» (2021, acted as  Alena);
6) «Adventure» (2020, acted as Alla Kvastsova);
7) «Hatcher» (2019, acted as Karina);
8) «A House for the Rent by the Sea» and many more.

Among Iuliia‘s roles in theatre:
1) «Victims of Duty» (acted as Madeleine);
2) «The House of Bernard Alba» (acted as Magdalena);
3) «Male, Singular, or do not Believe Your Eyes» (acted as Zhasant);
4) «White Pearl, Black Pearl» (acted as Aida);
5) «Stolen Happiness“ (acted as Nastya) and many more.

Since March 2022 she is living in Wismar (Germany), where she is occupied with studying German and taking part in charitable performances for Ukrainian children:
1) «Ivasik-Telesik», acted as Zmeivna (directed by Yu. Meliksetova and performed at the Prime Time Theater Berlin);
2) performances «Toad King» and «Snow White», directed by I. Martinez and performed at the Galli Theater Berlin.

Introduction to the project:
Iuliia Gershanik is a Ukrainian theatre and cinema actress and body language trainer. In her artistic research, she is planing to look for the possibilities of using body language for the integration of people into the new society and for the evasion of the conflicts caused by intercultural misunderstanding.

Description of the project:
Facing different situations caused by intercultural misunderstanding, as well as being a person who pays a lot of attention to body plasticity and physical development, Iuliia wants to research the application of body language knowledge in regular life as a way of communication and expression of feelings. She believes that her project will help to avoid intercultural misunderstanding and additionally will work as as way of support of mental health. In July she took part in «Body Language Training» (Galli Theatre). The knowledge she got there she evaluates as a very valuable one, therefore Iuliia aspires to combine it with the knowledge that she got in Ukraine and to observe the difference between them. She would also like to study how body awareness works for the integration of people to a completely new society.

Contact information:

1) more information about Iuliia‘s work https://www.kino-teatr.ru/kino/acter/w/post/239579/works/
2) interview with Iuliia https://tv.ua/amp-page/interview/953418-yuliya-gershanik-esli-menya-predayut-nachinayu-sebya-bolshe-lyubit
3) interview with Iuliia https://stuki-druki.com/authors/gershanik-yulia.php
4) video with Iuliia‘s work https://youtu.be/g4m0P4bNvWQ