Alena Konovalchuk

«Aesthetics of German Theatre»

Alena Konovalchuk


Self-description, education & work experience:
Alena Konovalchuk is 26 years old and is currently living in Hamburg, Germany. She has graduated from the University of Arts in Kharkiv (speciality: Theatre and Film Actress, 2020) and then worked for two years at the Ukrainian theatre in Odessa.

Examples of her theatrical works:
1) play written by A.P. Chekhov «Three Sisters» (acted as Olga Prozorova);
2) play written by Yu.Zoyfer «End of the World» (acted as Fuhrer, Girl, Sputnik, Rockford’s wife);
3) play written by E.L. Weber «Jesus Christ» (acted as Superstar);
4) play written by P. Sartre «Behind Closed Doors» (acted as Estelle);
5) «They shoot down horses, don’t they?» (acted as Ruby);
6) play written by Jean Anouille «Supper at Senlis» – (acted as Isabella) and many more.

What’s more, Alena traveled around the world while acting in performances:
1) «Sensitiv content» (performed in Germany; 2022);
2) «Psychogeography» (performed in Ukraine, Russia, Germany; 2020);
3) «Treffpunkt» Kharkiv (performed in Ukraine, Germany; 2019);
4) «Plündern» (performed in Ukraine, Germany; 2018).

Alena Konovalchuk, in addition to her work in theatre, also has experience in films and series shooting. Her last big project was a TV-series called «The Salty Kiss» (shot in 2022 – in production). She speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English and, among other things, is now working in a Hamburg Ukrainian-German artists‘ group «Under construction».

Introduction to the project:
In her residency, Alena Konovalchuk as an actress is inspired to combine Ukrainian and German acting styles, study their peculiarities and aesthetics in order to develop her own artistic practice, which she would love to share with the world afterwards.

Description of the project:
Alena is going to work on a theatre project, the main goal of which is to unite Ukrainian and German acting styles, to study their peculiarities and aesthetics. During her participation in the program she would like to visit as many performances as possible all over Germany, take part in trainings, visit German theatre colleges and participate in master classes – to gain versatile knowledge and inspiration. Not only that, but also she would like to share her skills, give trainings and lectures, collaborate with German theatre and film directors. With her work done, Alena aspires to contribute to the development of Ukrainian theatre and to be more specific, she hopes to bring it a little closer to the European style, but with the preservation of its own, unique elements and traditions.

Contact information:

1) websites with information about Alena and her work life

2) series with Alena as an actress