Alex Basovska


Alex Basovska


Self-description, education & work experience:
Oleksandra Basovska (or, preferably, Alex) is from Kyiv, Ukraine and resides in Berlin as of November 2022. While still in Kiev, she studied at the theatre studio «Chornyi Kvadratik» (degree: Acting, 2013-2017). Alex worked as an actress and director, as well as an acting teacher for children. Her occupation also included being the head of the theatre “Theat.error”, where she directed plays «The Story of Teenager’s Browser», «Misdeed» and documental play «Meeting». Moreover, Alex lectured on acting skills and worked as an acting teacher in a theatre studio «Chornyi Kvadratik» (2018-2022). Being really productive, she has also participated in a number of festivals:
1) took a role of a director of stage readings (festival «Week of a Relevant Play», 2018-2021);
2) took part in a performance «Beyond the Phaedra» (2017) and «rien me va plus» (2016)

During her time in Berlin she acted in a performance about Ukrainian culture in Amphitheater Monbijoutheater, as well as worked as an actress, who read the play written by Ukrainian playwrights about war called «Vom Krieg» in Gorki Theater. In July 2022, Alex has taken part in residency for directors in München (Münchner Volkstheater, during “Radikal Jung Festival”).

Introduction to the project:
Alex Basovska is a hard-working actress and director from Ukraine. She wants to explore how the exchange of experiences between German and Ukrainian actors and directors affects the creation of a new art in theatre.

Description of the project:
In Kyiv, Alex was actively involved in building a non-governmental theater, where she created modern plays on the most relevant topics. In this way, she would like to continue working in Berlin with German and Ukrainian actors.
Since Alex is already here, in Berlin, she understands that theatre in Germany and Ukraine is different in what concerns creation and the final product. Therefore, she would like to organise meetings and trainings where German and Ukrainian actors and theatre directors can exchange experiences. This will create a cultural exchange and give proper knowledge which will result in practical use in the future.

Contact information:

Telegram: @alexbasovska

1) from 1:06:30 Alex reads the play «Vom Krieg»
2) theatre which Alex led for two years