Daria Sankova: From February 24th

My name is Sankova Daria. I’m an artist. I draw, do ceramics and take photos.
I study at the faculty of ceramics in Lviv (Ukraine).
I’ve taken this photo to ask for help on Instagram, so that people could share my post where I asked to donate money to the Ukrainian army and sign the petition to shelter the sky over Ukraine.
The sky is still not closed, and I do not own any information about the donations.
However, the photos have awoken many emotions, and, curiously, most of them were negative. It seemed to me that now is the time when we, Ukrainians, have to unite even on the internet.
I’m not in the bomb shelter. I’m safe with my mother and brothers in Germany. Soon I’ll be going to Poland to continue my education there. In Poland, I will also be able to do more volunteering for Ukraine.
I still feel ashamed for leaving Ukraine. I heard that everyone who left feels ashamed consciously or unconsciously. I want to go back home, to my darlings, pets, my hometown.

I entered my friend’s room to say goodbye. She told me “Daria Oleksandrivna don’t cry”.

Before war happened, I thought that I should move somewhere abroad, but now I know exactly what my plans are, where I will live and what I will do. I want to return home, pick up my dog and cat, clean my apartment, then put on my fur coat, the most beautiful shoes, a bright dress and go for a walk. Kiss all my friends, acquaintances, and former enemies, because now we are all one. Afterwards, I want to make a show of costumes I had already started to create before full invasion of Ukraine.
My friend wants to open his own bar, and I wanted to paint the toilet there. I’m looking forward to that!
I don’t want my previous life. I want a new conscious life.
We will never forgive Russia for this war.

”I saw a photo of a boy who was killed by Russian troops. He was born in 2008. I remember nothing, I just drew him”

Maybe this text is infantile, but I’m still 18 years old. I want to walk and rejoice, I want to be at home.
Glory to Ukraine!