Yelyzaveta Mokrytska

«Developing Contemporary Art in Germany»

Yelyzaveta Mokrytska


Self-description, Education & Work experience:
Yelyzaveta Mokrytska is a 21 years old Ukrainian performer. She is well-trained academically, having obtained a Bachelor’s degree (2018-2022) in the Kyiv University of Culture (specialization: Choreographer of Modern Choreography, Ballet Dancer, Teacher). Yelyzaveta has done some wonderful practical work upon receiving a degree.
In 2020-2021, she was employed in Тоtem Dance Theatre. There she worked with following choreographers and performed in their productions:
1) «ACTO» by Francesco Annarumma (Italy);
2) «Red room» by Kristina Shishkareva;
3) «Dynamic» by Yaroslav Kainar

In 2020, ACTO was shown on the Ukraine’s biggest stage in the T. Shevchenko National Opera.
Since 2019 Yelyzaveta is a part of people. What’s more, she also created and danced in the next performances: «GUL», «Mashrabi» directed by Anatoly and Ekaterina Vodzyansky, «Paper Tigers» directed by Anatoly Vodzyansky. The stage experience received there she describes as vital for an artist and huge in general.
However, Yelyzaveta’s work life is even more versatile, as she starred in a number of exciting videos:
1) «shut up» by samurai code;
2) «asisiay» by samurai code;
3) «don’t stand down» by MUSE;
4) «Потайки» by Jamala;

Yelyzaveta has a serious and professional approach to all her works. She says that although each job was different emotionally, had its own meaning and history behind, it was still interesting for her, as she could try on different roles, be creative and many-sided, give the camera and the viewers all she could.

Introduction to the project (short text):
Yelyzaveta Mokrytska is a versatile, skilled and creative dance performer with a Bachelor’s degree gained at the Kyiv University of Culture (specialization: Choreographer of Modern Choreography, Ballet Dancer, Teacher). Her main aspiration is to continue developing contemporary art, but now in Germany.

Description of the project:
Yelyzaveta really wants to develop contemporary art in Germany. During the last months here she spent a lot of her time attending various classes from B12 and Ukrainian dancers. Yelyzaveta has already done an admirable amount of practice, such as taking part in the creation of her colleague’s (Mariia Filippova) work, looking for new ways to move in the training halls and more. She reckons that she feels incredibly inspired by these practices, as well as can sense a deeper level of connection to her body. Considering that, Yelyzaveta is intrigued to continue with her project, goals of which are: to explore movement, to study body and its anatomy, in which way it can be moved by considering different approaches to understanding it. She would like to experiment and practice a lot. To develop modern dance, jazz, contemporaries and improvisation here. Other than that she hopes to create her own unique choreographic handwriting that will help in broadcasting her vision. It is vital for her to give this beautiful feeling of freedom and dive deep into creativity. Also, Yelyzaveta as a professional performer wants to share all of this with people, with the audience, while dancing on stage.
All written things above lead to her greatest desire – to turn contemporary dance into a high art with a special outlook.

Contact information:

1) Тоtem Dance Theater, where Yelyzaveta used to be employed 
2) people account with their works 
3) «shut up» video 
4) «asisiay» video 
5) «don’t stand down» video 
6) «Потайки» video 
7) UPROOTED video