Valeriia Maksymova

«Unknown musical depths of Ukraine»

Valeriia Maksymova

Frankfurt am Main

Self-description, education & work experience:
Valeriia Maksymova is a Ukrainian pianist of 27 years. She is a participant of a number of international piano competitions, such as:
1) ”The Art of 21st Century” in Klaipeda, Lithuania (2016, 2nd prize);
2) “E.Stankovych“ in Kyiv, Ukraine (2017, 3rd prize);
3) ”Ville de Gagny” in Paris, France (2019)

Valeriia Maksymova has participated in the master classes taught by Professor Anjey Yasinsky (Sanok, Poland), Milana Chernyavska (Graz University of Arts, Seefeld, Austria) and Antony Baryschevsky (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Valeriia first graduated from the Kherson Music College, where she studied in the piano class of Olena Burbas (2010-2014). After that she also studied in the Kyiv National Music Academy in the name of P.I. Tchaikovsky in the piano class, from where she graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Postgraduate degree at the chair of Prof. Alla Kashchenko (2014-2021). In the time period of 2016-2022, Valeriia worked as a teacher in musical school. She was occupied in drama theatre, took part in a number of concerts as a pianist (both solo and ones organized by conservatory).
Since April 2022, Valeriia has been taking part in a teaching program for Ukrainian female musicians (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst or HfDMK) in Frankfurt am Main, in the piano class of Professor Oliver Kern.

Introduction to the project:
Valeriia Maksymova is a talented and well-educated pianist, whose project aims to revive the Ukrainian piano heritage. The main task of the project is to find the works of little known or forgotten Ukrainian composers, to conduct a research on them and to investigate connections between German and Ukrainian practices.

Description of the project:
Within the framework of her research, Valeriia would like to deal with the genre of Ukrainian piano music with regard to its usability for the independent music theatre scene in Germany.
She believes that it is vital to work out connections that may exist between the works of the Ukrainian composers, like Theodor Yakymenko, Dmytro Bortnyansky, Mychaylo Stepanenko, Mykola Lysenko, who have been largely unknown in Western Europe, as well as works by European composers (such as Ludwig Van Beethoven and Franz Liszt). Precisely through the medium of music theatre Valeriia reckons it is possible to talk openly about the connections and conflicts between German and Ukrainian piano art. Starting with a musical analysis of the works in the context of their period of origin, the research would reveal cultural parallels between the different composers and their biographies. Based on this research Valeriia aspires to start a musical-scenic trial, in which the motifs are to be brought into contrapuntal exchange with each other, both musically and on stage, in order to show parallels and contradictions with music-theatrical means.

Contact information:

1) Valeriia‘s channel with her works
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