Valeriia Hereha

«Movement Research»

Valeriia Hereha


Self-description, education & work experience:
Valeriia Hereha is a dancer and choreographer from Kyiv (Ukraine). She studied at the Kyiv Choreography College (1st specialization: Ballet Dancer (2014-2018); 2nd specialization: Ballet Tutor, Ballet Master-Director (2018-2020)). Moreover, Valeriia has been undergoing a training at CDSH in Hamburg (specialization: Contemporary) since 2022.
She attended numerous classes from well-known dancers, such as Natalia Ivanets, Anastasia Kharchenko, Yaroslav Kaynar, Peter Naku, Artem Shoshin, Anna Dorosh, Konstantin Koval, Kovall Anastasia, Gala Peha, Dayan Akhmedgaliev, Marina Ashotovna, Vova Rakov, Anatolii Sachivko, Kenan Dinkelmann, Nir de Volff, Carlos Aller, Patrick Williams, Esther Balfe, Yotam Peled, Kirill Berezovski, Nathan Cornwell.

Her work life includes many projects and performances throughout the years:
1) was occupied as a choreographer and dancer in cooperation with Daniella Preap for performance «Earth» (in Thalia Theater, Hamburg; premiered on August 27th 2022);
2) danced in the choreography by Tomislav Jelicié (Hamburg, July 2022);
3) worked in the performance for VERsammelstelle with Daniela Preap, Anna Fedoronchuk (Hamburg, June 2022);
4) worked as a contemporary teacher and choreographer at the Kyiv Choreographic Gymnasium, Dance studio «Interplay», MalvaDanceFamily (Ukraine, 2020-2022);
5) was a ballet dancer in Classical Grand ballet, Young Theater of Kyiv, Royal Russian Ballet (Moscow), Kharkiv City Opera & Ballet, Royal Russian Ballet (Kharkiv), Young Theatre of Kyiv (2017-2020).

Introduction to the project:
A dancer and choreographer Valeriia Hereha plans to explore different approaches and forms of expression in the Ukrainian and German dance scene in her research in order to create a very novel and original form of synthesis of the two concepts.

Description of the project:
In her research of movement, Valeriia wants to work as much as possible with different choreographers, dancers and the dance community in Germany.
She would love to discover new things for her body and subconsciousness, to research it, to broadcast and share gained knowledge, especially in Germany, as she finds the education and the attitude to art a little bit different than in Ukraine.
Valeriia aims to reach the rather free transmission of performers’ and artists‘ ideas here. However, she also really enjoys the approach towards performance and arts in Ukraine, so she thinks it would be interesting to combine it all or find something of her own.
Lastly, Valeriia plans to continue to conduct movement research, because there is never a limit and one can always find something new for themselves, discover and create.

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Videos of Valeriia‘s dance:

Valeriia‘s performance in Germany (from 0:39 – 1:47):