Pavlo Holovchenko

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Pavlo Holovchenko


Self-description, education & work experience:
Pavlo Holovchenko is a Ukrainian actor. He had graduated from the Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts (Master’s Degree, specialization: Theatre and Movie Actor; 2016-2022) and afterwards worked as an actor at the Kharkiv Academic Drama Theatre. He attended master classes and acting courses in «Michael Chekhov Studio. Ukraine» under the guidance of Alesya Savchenko – certified teacher and member of the MICHA (international Michael Chekhov Association, based in New York). As of 2022 Holovchenko is living in Hamburg, Germany.

While still at the university, Pavlo performed in following plays:
1) «Jesus Christ Superstar» written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice (as Judas Iscariot);
2) «Three Sisters» written by Anton Chekhov (as Alexander Vershinin);
3) «Five Minutes to Zero» (based on the play by J. Soyfer «The End of the World»).

Afterwards he worked at the Kharkiv Academic Drama Theatre (2020 – 2021):
1) «The House of Engineer Yakov Filin» (playwright and director: Alexander Seredin);
2) «The Forest Song» written by Lesya Ukrainka (director: Olga Turutja-Prasolova, acted as Lukash).

Important to be mentioned is the independent production «Return» based on the works of Erich Maria Remarque («Return», «All Quiet on the Western Front»; 2021) played in the space of the international project «Room after Tomorrow!» (director: Volodymir Davydenko, acted as George Rahe).

Pavlo is a participant of international Ukrainian – German projects:
1) «120 minutes of psychogeographic pictures» (September 2019, I.P. Kotlyarevsky Kharkiv National University of Arts In Kharkiv, Ukraine);
2) «TUMBLE» (September 2019, Supermarket der Idean, Oberhausen);
3) – «Meeting place / Treffpunkt» (March 2019, Theater of the Young Spectator in Kharkiv, Ukraine);
4) «Robbery / Plundern» (November 2018, in Kampnagel & Hamburg).

In Germany Pavlo worked at the Staatsoper Hamburg (2022) in the play «Carmen» written by Georges Bizet (director: Herbert Fritsch).

Introduction to the project:
Pavlo Holovchenko, who is an educated and skilled actor, wants to combine Michael Chekhov’s acting method and the concept of the performative arts in his research. Therefore her wants to explore their productive intersection in detail, in order to further develop his own artistic practice from it.

Description of the project:
As an actor and teacher of acting, Pavlo is a follower of Michael Chekhov’s method. However, he is also interested in the performative method, therefore in his research he would like to combine Michael Chekhov’s method and the concept of the performative. He explains further that during the creation of a performative act, the artist has a specific idea that is intended to be transferred to the audience in order to bring a change in the space, atmosphere, energy and inner world of the audience. These forms of change are what Michael Chekhov’s acting method also works with at its core. But although the two methods seem to be very similar and easy to combine, they are different.
In his project, Pavlo aims to explore their productive intersection in detail. Furthermore, he wants to participate in an exchange with German theatre makers and the independent scene, which is more engaged with the performative than with acting concepts. In this way, Pavlo hopes to develop and improve his own skills, as well as make them more many-sided.

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