Olena Bushevska

«Me and Different Personality. Non-violent Communication»

Olena Bushevska


Self-description, education & work experience:
Olena Bushevska is a professional actress from Ukraine. She studied at the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television named after Ivan Karpenko-Karyi (2006-2011, specialization: Acting). Since 2010 she is working at Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the river Dnipro.
Olena, as a performer, created and then acted several roles: Iryna «Three Sisters», Vera «Month in the Village», the White Dove in the play of the German author Ulrich Hub «At the Ark at Eight O’clock». She was twice nominated for the «Kyiv pectoral» theater award. Her biggest role was the role of Gitel in the duet play «Two on the Swing» (author: W. Gibson). Olena‘s last work was a plastic performance about Odyssey, «Odyssey, Come Back Home» (by Belorussian director Yevheniy Korniag).
Moreover, Olena is a cinema actress and had about 10 roles in movies. Olena is extremely hard-working and beside performing she teaches acting (she worked in the Kyiv Circus Academy by Leonid Utesov and the Cinema school by Oleksandr Onyfriev). Because of the Russian aggression against Ukrainian people, Olena faced a lot of troubles: she is not able to work in her country and had to move to Dresden, where she also led big courses for refugees. All these misfortunes do not scare her and she keeps on creating. Olena takes credit of organising 3 concerts for Ukrainian and German people since she came in Dresden, such as:
1) «Celebrating Myself» (June 2022);
2) «Speak, so that I Can See You» (August 2022).

One of them was created with German colleagues in “Alte Fabrik”. In September Olena took part in a performative reading (text by Julia Gonchar, Ukrainian dramaturge, held in HELLERAU).

Introduction to the project:
Olena Bushevska is a professional and very hard-working actress from Ukraine. After Russia attacked her country, the Ukrainian artist Olena Bushevska is searching for answers to the questions, like how to communicate with an abuser in a family, in your own soul and even when the abuser is a whole country.

Description of the project:
Since the war has come, Olena is researching how to interact with another human beings in a communication form that is non-violent. Crucial questions she hopes to find answers to are: how to communicate with an abuser in a family, at your job – or if the abuser is a whole country? How to communicate with the society, as well as with one’s own child in a non-violent form? There are many layers to this question and a big depth.
Olena is going to perform her research in an experimental form with Ukrainian refugees. She aims to create a safe space for them and to play different plots of their personal conflicts (as well as general ones) in a form of a game, when one is an abuser and another one is a victim. Olena wants to try to do it in a form of aikido. When there is no fighting, no enemy… Just dancing with another person.
What’s more, Olena shares that the observer is very important in this experience. Only when you look at all of this from an unbiased side you can make correct conclusions and to evolve as a human. She sees it as a way to non-violent communication that is a milestone theme in her project.

Contact information:
Telegram @bushkapushka

1) a lesson with Olena as a teacher https://fb.watch/hv5ZFh7Jv2/