Oksana Borysenko

«Path to the World!»

Oksana Borysenko


Self-description, education & work experience:
Oksana Mykolayivna Borysenko is an actress. She studied at the National Academy of Managerial Personnel of Culture and Arts (specialization: Designer; 2008-2014). Later, from 2014, Oksana studied at the Theater Studio „SPLASH“ (Kyiv). What’s more about Oksana’s education is that she underwent a training from Jan Fabre (Belgian director). After completing her studies, she worked at exhibitions. Also, Oksana acted in different performances:
1) «Life’s trifles» by Volodymyr Dalvan (2015);
2) the plastic performance «1984», based on the novel written by George O’Rell and directed by Vlada Bilozorenko (2016). This performance created a sensation at a number of international festivals in Spain, Monaco, Lithuania and many other places.

At the same time, Oksana worked on the theater plays in Ukraine, for example:
1) «The Good Man from Sichuan» by Bertold Brecht. Director: Volodymyr Dalvan (2017);
2) «Drunk» by Ivan Vyrypaev. Director: Oleksandra Badalamenti (2017);
3) «Soldier and Birds» by Hristo Boychev. Director: Georgy Pachkoriya (with that performance she and her team attended Bremen, Germany in 2019). There they could exchange with artists from different countries of the world.

Oksana believes that through body plastic it is possible to convey information even more than words. It is accessible to people who speak different languages. She continued to perform until the beginning of the war.

In Berlin she proceeded  her work on the improvement of her skills and as of November 2022 she was in process of rehearsing for the performance «The Run: the Refugee Rave» by Anna Demidova. With this project the team aspires to show people relevant issues through humor, music and dance. There they will talk about difficult topics through the medium of reincarnation.

Introduction to the project: 
Actress Oksana Borysenko took part in many performances in Ukraine, with which she visited various countries, including Germany. She will explore the impact of art on refugees and refugees on art. Another part of her research is how wars affect the world and people, what are the feelings of people who are forced to change their usual way of living. Oksana sees this topic as a very relevant one, because now a lot of people find themselves in rather unusual conditions.

Description of the project:
Oksana sees the topic of her project as a relevant one, considering world situation now. At the same time too many people are experiencing the military history. Reluctantly faced with the unfolding of the war, they are forced to leave their houses. Oksana understands the enormous experienced psychological trauma and firmly believes that art is able to give people faith in themselves, in their own strength and it is something that is always there in times of need. That’s why Oksana began to conduct workshops on acting mastery for refugees. She has already done an admirable number of them to help people learn and feel better: have an interest in life, an interest in maintaining their knowledge and usual habits, hobbies. Oksana taught how to get acquainted with one‘s body, voice… She realized that by learning different acting skills people are more focused on developing something new and less on the past of the military conflict.
The experience of giving acting classes here, in Germany, has led Oksana to more questions and she wants to find answers to them in her project. First one is how the war has affected people’s lives and what the cognitive consequences will be. Second important issue of the research is exploring how art helps people to continue their life. Oksana aspires to find a way to show how refugees feel, what problems they face and how they solve them. More questions that still await their answers are how political events affect people’s minds and in which ways can art help people in difficult situations. Oksana wishes to do her best to explore those topics and find a way to make people’s lives better through art.

Contact information:

1) personal page with Oksana‘s occupation https://instagram.com/oksana.borysenko?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
2) plastic performance «1984» https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXFtP8JJzPtX5pDgHu8TurjOKjYXQNyvk
3) plastic performance «Coldness» https://youtu.be/yEnH61UT-zg