Maryna Kurochka

«Children’s Acting Workshop»

Maryna Kurochka


Self-description, education & work experience:
Maryna Kurochka (26 years old) is a proud Ukrainian, born in Kyiv. When Maryna turned 15, she entered the L.Utesov KMAECM (department: Pantomime). During the last peak of her studies, she worked at the Kyiv Circus (2012-2014). In 2016, Maryna entered GITIS and attended workshop created by V.A. Andreev (Faculty of Acting). In 2020, she graduated and started her work at the Mayakovsky Theatre. Maryna also had two main roles and many supporting roles in movies, such as:
1) «I am Watching You» (2022);
2) «Whirlpool» (2020);
3) «Sensor» (2018);
4) «Boy from the Cultural Park» (2017).

Now she teaches acting and stage language for children and teenagers. Moreover, Maryna writes poems and songs. She sings, plays drums, dances and does yoga. As of 2022, because of the war, she lives in Berlin. Maryna is also good at languages: she speaks English, Ukrainian and in 2022 started learning German. She works in Berlin at the Galli Children’s Theater and takes part in the plays «Snow White», «Frog Prince» and «Snow Queen» (directed by Marion Martinez). Also, Maryna acts in a performance «THE RUN» (directed by Anna Demidova).

Introduction to the project:
A performer and an actress, Maryna Kurochka wants to explore new directions in her residency and research how to involve children into acting art, as well as help them learn how to amplify and use their imagination, gain inner freedom and freedom in body movements through acting workshops.

Description of the project:
During her residency, Maryna wants to work on sharing her acting experience with Ukrainian children and teenagers through workshops. She believes that her idea is great in such times as now, because it distracts both children and parents from our reality. Children sacrifice their childhood, lose opportunities to gain good memories day after day and this should not be real! During her workshops she maps out to have fun with them, assume different characters, read fairy tales and act them, learn to listen to silence and partners, and much more! She wants to investigate how to involve children into acting art and help them amplify their imagination, gain inner freedom and freedom in body movements. Moreover, Maryna also plans to do something similar for adults in the future.

Contact information:

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