Mariia Filippova

«Dance Art (in Terms of Research & Comparison)»

Mariia Filippova


Self-description, work & education:
Mariia Filippova is an extremely motivated individual, who constantly develops her skills and grows professionally. She is confident, passionate professional hip-hop and contemporary dancer. Her main strengths are systemic and creative thinking.
As of November 2022, Mariia continued her studies at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (specialization: Modern Choreography). What’s more, she attended numerous classes from foreign teachers in the next styles:
1) Hip Hop: Mosey Mose, Kristy, Joseph Go, Icee Forthesound, Djilo Sarselite, Mecnun Giasar, P-Dog, Banzay, Odilon Sow, Ma2t, Link Brain, Spider Dares, Jade Fehlmann, Squaker, Niako Legion X, Batalla, Ukay, Madjid, Martha, Swipesow, Anphisa forthesound and others.
2) Contemporary: Gala Pekha, Vladimir Rakov, Anatolyi Sachivko, Tony Kiba, Alisha Kobylyak, Marina Kusheva, Ohad Naharin and Shahar Binyamini online classes by Batsheva Dance Company and others.

Mariia has a lot of work credits and long, prolific employment history:
1) she became “The Uprooted” member at The UN Refugee Agency in Berlin, Germany (May 2022). Also, Mariia is a part of the social-video project «Uprooted» by UNHCR, a film made with and featuring Ukrainian refugees, in support of Ukraine;
2) was occupied as a freelance artist in Kyiv, Ukraine (January 2022 — as of November 2022 still worked in this direction);
3) worked as a choreographer-director at „MEL“ Dance School in Kyiv, Ukraine (February 2022 — as of November 2022 still taught & choreographed performances);
4) performed as a member of the „Dorofeeva“ team (artist: Nadya Dorofeeva)  in Ukraine (March 2020 — as of November 2022 continued to be team member);
4) operated as an artist, street dancer (April 2019 — March 2022);
5) worked with many artists from 2020 until 2022, such as: Katya Lava, Jamala, Roksolana, Nina Matvienko. Choreographers: Marina Kusheva, Anatolyi Sachivko, Ruslan Makhov. Directors: Tania Muinio, Den&Max, Anatolyi Sachivko;
6) represented the interests of Ukrainian branch of the international underground team „Noesix“ (2019 – 2022);
7) participated in the filming of the visual and plastic film ballet „Vodurudu“ as part of the Apache crew  (summer of 2021);
8) worked as a choreographer, trainer in the dance club „Jackpot“ with children (6-15 years old), (March 2017 — May 2020);
9) was a member of the Association of Contemporary and Variety Dance of Ukraine (January 2008 — May 2018).

Introduction to the project:
Mariia Filippova, who is an experienced dancer and dance teacher, is aimed at gaining knowledge and experience, improving professional skills by visiting workshops, seminars, lectures in both street and contemporary dance art in Germany.

Description of the project:
Mariia is extremely motivated to develop herself as a hip-hop freestyle dancer and a representative of the performance art (choreography). She is aimed at gaining knowledge and experience, improving professional skills by visiting workshops, seminars, lectures in the street and contemporary dance art in Germany, among them: Random Circles (dance festival, Frankfurt am Main), TanzFaktur workshops etc.

At this point Mariia researches dance and dance art in terms of comparison and future definition of herself as a freelance freestyle dancer and a choreographer-director, as a contemporary artist and a street representative of hip-hop culture. As a part of her residency program, Mariia has planned a trilogy of her creative work in Berlin.

Contact information:

1) one of Mariia’s works in Berlin, as a choreographer-director «Eines»