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Anna Ivchenko


Self-description, education & work experience:
Anna Ivchenko is a Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist and musician based in Berlin. She is an author of sound installations and performances, scores for short films and theatre plays, as well as code-based interactive visual installations.
Anna graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, continuing her studies at the Warsaw Academy of Photography, Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, and Photinus School. She is a «Room to Bloom» resident and a «Common Ground Studio» participant at Universität der Künste Berlin, class of prof. Hito Steyerl.
The works created by Anna were exhibited in Ukraine (National Art Museum of Ukraine, Dovzhenko Center in Kyiv) and abroad (ACUD Club in Berlin, Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, Avtonomi Akadimia in Athens). Throughout her career, she participated in multiple art and music festivals, including HeForShe Arts Week, French Spring Festival, Unexpected Territories, Melt Festival, Kyiv Music Festival, and others.
In her artistic practice, Anna focuses mainly on the topics of collective and personal memory, environmental and political issues. She grounds her work on research, where she uses sound, programming tools and performative practices, aiming to restore lost connections and reevaluate existing power structures.
Recently, Anna’s musical works took part in the creation of a theatre play «Die Hüterin» (28.08.2022), which tells the story of Ukrainian art and culture in the form of an inner monologue, supported by music, songs and dance. The play is being shown at Alte Feuerwache in Berlin. The ensemble consists of artists from Ukraine and Germany and Anna is interested in continuing to contribute to the integration of Ukrainian culture itself and its possible collaboration with the German culture scene, which hopefully will lead to the creation of some absolutely new performative ways.

Introduction to the project:
Anna Ivchenko is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on sound and performance art, working with the topics of memory, identity and ecology. In her research project during HAU Hebbel am Ufer residency she aims to investigate the topic of shifting identities, working on the intersection of choreography, modular synthesis and generative art. Anna plans to work on developing new techniques and methodologies.

Description of the project:
During the residency at HAU, Anna aims to investigate the nature of shifting identities with the medium of sound and movement, combining performative practices and digital media.
Having gained a lot of practical knowledge about sound and movement during her career, Anna aspires to go even deeper and find novel ideas in the domain she works in. She is interested in developing new techniques and methodologies in the field of multimedia performance, generative interactive art, discovering new possibilities and boundaries of digital theatre. Anna wants to study the interaction between sound and movement and potentially develop new interactive performance sketches in collaboration with contemporary dance artists.

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