Anastasiia Rozhkova

«Acrobatics and Body»

Anastasiia Rozhkova


Self-description, education & work experience:
Anastasiia Rozhkova ia a choreographer, dancer, artist (born in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine). She studied in the Kyiv University of Boris Grinchenko (Choreography Department). Anastasiia has already participated in and keeps on taking a lot of dance workshops in different styles (Atmosphere Dance Camp in Kyiv, Underground Festival in Karpaty, Tanzwerkstatt Europa in Munich and more). She is a part of BNN crew (Show ballet). Anastasiia has experience of shooting in dance clips as a dancer:
1) Todric Hall «Queen»;
2) Ed Sheeran «2step»;
3) Constantin «Mozol’».

She starred in the next movies: 
1) «Uprooted»;
2) «Before and after» (not published as of November 2022).

Anastasiia also appeared in a commercial TV-show «Ukraine got talent». Moreover, she worked in dance performances in Ukraine «After We Alive» and in Germany «Multitud».

She takes credits of two works as a choreographer:
1) «Look, Hear, but Thinking» (TV show «Dance its u», 2021);
2) «Zamanila» (winning grand-prize at Ukrainian Folk Dance Festival, 2020).

Introduction to the project:
In her residency, dancer and choreographer Anastasiya Rozhkova is planing a research on acrobatic skills in all styles of choreography. She is inspired to answer questions, such as how acrobatics can be made healthy for everyone? What influence do hard acrobatic elements have on all systems in one’s body and is it possible for everyone to use acrobatics in their performance? Another important question of Anastasiia’s project is what is the maximum of possibilities that human body has in different ages?

Description of the project:
During the residency Anastasiya wants to lead a research on acrobatic skills in all styles of choreography. With that being said, she presents some of the most important questions she hopes to answer: how can one make acrobatics healthy for everyone, is it even possible? What influence do hard acrobatic elements have on physiology systems, could everyone use acrobatics in their performance? What’s more, what peak capability is available to human body in different ages and how to develop own physiology correctly?

For Anstasiya these questions are of particular interest, because all her «dancing» life she has explored acrobatics. She says that she never really had super strong body capabilities (even in childhood), as she started to dance too late and wasn’t able to have a solidly strong base. All the time Anastasiya was interested in new elements and learned it by herself. Now she has a pretty good acrobatics level and that’s why she can easily reflect on the mistakes done before and how they influenced her current health state.

Anastasiya justifies the importance of her project by narrating that momentarily dancing and acrobatics are mainstream, as well as that many people do it without any professional knowledge and background, in some cases even try to teach it! The reason is obvious – social media, where people just watch videos and want to do the things they see. However, as a professional, Anastasiya sees flaws in this kind of approach, which has led to the creation of her project, which hopefully will change this situation.

Contact information:

1) music video with Anastasiya‘s participation