Anastasiia Dzhun

«Search for the Safe Leg Techniques to Use in Frame-Up Strip Style»

Anastasiia Dzhun


Self-description, education & work experience:
Anastasia was born in Ukraine, Dnipro. She is a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer in several styles: Frame Up Strip, Experimental Dance, Contemporary and High Heels, who has taken a lot of classes from dancers around the globe.
Anastasia is a member of the «Allies» team, which was formed in Berlin to present Ukraine on the European and world stages. Until recently, she was also a member of several teams that represented Ukraine at various competitions:
1) Allies Crew – at the WOD GREECE they earned 1st place (2022);
2) DDC Fam – at the Challenge they earned 3rd place (2018);
3) LK CREW – at the Challenge they earned 1st place (2017).

She has also been a guest choreographer that taught classes in different European countries, like Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart, Dresden, Hannover, Munich), Poland (Warsaw, Gdańsk) and more. Anastasia had some experience as a choreographer and took part in the dance performances of the «Glubzhe» company in Dnipro and Kiev.
Anastasia took part in various commercial shootings as an organizer, choreographer and dancer. For example:
1) project by «Mict.Cultural.Organisation» – performed as a dancer (15th September 2022, Berlin);
2) Dakooka «you can kiss me» – worked as a videographer for the videoclip (30th August 2022, Berlin).

At the moment, in addition to dancing, she studies at the university, where she received two educations: philology and psychology.

Introduction to the project:
Anastasia Dzhun was born in Ukraine, Dnipro. She is a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer with some strong foundation and experience behind her back. During her residency she aims at getting in contact with the German scene and researching her topic of frame-up more.

Description of the project:
For Anastasia, this project is very important, because it gave her the opportunity to continue her dance development, gave her the opportunity, despite the terrible circumstances, not to give up doing what she likes. It helps her recover mentally and physically. Also, this project will help Anastasia to develop herself as a teacher, because it is very important to be able to properly and safely teach new people.

Anastasia has already figured out a structured plan for her project:
Step 1: To get in contact with other artists in Germany.
Step 2: To promote and improve the dance style she specializes in.
Step 3: To create safe dance technics for frame-up.
Step 4: To prepare video projects that would be both experimental and frame-up.

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