Alla Krokha

«Body & Emotion: a Conversation»

Alla Krokha


Self-description, education & work experience:
Alla Krokha initially studied architecture, but soon after graduating decided to follow a path of a DJ and graduated from the «DJ Groove audio school» in Moscow (2012-2014). Now she is a skilled DJ with an experience of more than 5 years behind her back.
Additionally, she was a part of a guitar class at a music school and sang in a choir. Moreover, for the past year, Alla has been working with children in Ukraine, developing their creativity. Now that she is in Berlin, Alla is undergoing a training in electronic music creation and is planning to explore various genres of music, as well as the impact of the sound on a person. Moreover, Alla has been doing art workshops for Ukrainian children at «Panda Platfrom» (since may 2022). She worked as DJ at «Soli Rave UA» party in Potsdam (the received finances were afterwards sent to support Ukraine and charity). Alla also DJed at parties at Arts and Media University, as well as at the «Data Native» conference.
Her latest occupation includes a work with the Russian director Anna Demidova on the anti-war play “THE RUN”, which received its first test showing in September (2022).

Introduction to the project:
Alla Krokha is a well-rounded professional in musical sphere, having worked both as a DJ and with children, developing their best sides. The main idea of her project lays in finding true self and keeping in touch with it, taking into account what is happening around the person. Another important point of the research is to monitor how the presence or absence of music influences this process. Moreover, Alla wants to explore the possibilities of creating emotional resilience and emotional assertiveness, maintaining personal integrity in these turbulent times through various techniques, materials and sounds.

Description of the project:
In her research, Alla is aspired to find ways to create a deep connection between music and human feelings through body and movement. The goal is to hear body signals, recognise its emotions, hear its needs, as well as help an individual to live this emotion through suitable motor activity and other accompanying instruments, such as music, images, silence, voice, matched props, space, natural materials and theatrical practices.
She reckons that the most important thing is to recognise emotion as part of one without compromising one’s self-esteem. Alla wants to explore the possibilities of creating emotional resilience and assertiveness, while still preserving the integrity of the individual in the present turbulent time. Also, she would love to work on the development of timbre hearing, the ability to hear the silence and sound of the real world and ability to keep in touch with the world itself. These skills develop the empathy, sensitivity and solidarity that she believes are essential to our world.

Contact information:

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