[ANONYMOUS]: „Soroode Zendegi – Anthem of Life“

During my last trip to Iran, I came across the anthem of „Soroode Zendegi“, which translates into „Anthem of Life.“ I had gone to Iran to meet my friends and family before the fall semester of my university began to alleviate my homesickness. However, just a few days after my return to Tehran, the murder of Jina Amini occurred, followed by a series of protests and murderous oppressions. As her grandfather wrote on her grave, Jina did not die; her name became a code—a code to create the first-ever feminist revolution. Despite the anxiety and disturbance caused by the news, my friends and I gathered day and night, watching videos of mass protests in other cities after hours of struggle to connect to the Internet. We went to the streets with anger and fear, and we cried for „everyone to be together.“

During that time, a writer and poet friend showed me an anthem she had written and composed. I was moved by the beauty of its words and the tenderness of its meanings. She asked me to hand over the hymn to musicians and singers after I left Iran so that it could be appropriately produced and be heard by sympathetic audiences that are fighting the same fight as us. I agreed and took the anthem’s text as a souvenir of Iran because it was the essence of the endeavors for freedom from the people I knew and loved.

Months passed, and the production process encountered many problems at different stages. However, everyone involved in its creation was determined to see it through to completion, regardless of the crises that arose. The participants‘ roles in the people’s struggle, which went beyond the scope of this text, were minor but significant. Eventually, the work was produced, completed, and shared with the cooperation of many people inside and outside of Germany. We still hope that it will keep on being received and heard and for it to give all the fighters in these trying and agonizing times a tiny sparkle of hope, even if it may be just for a brief moment.